Correctly distinguish the lines in the PCB reverse technology research, and draw the wiring reasonably

by:A-TECH      2021-03-26
For the distinction between ground wires, power wires, and signal wires, engineers also need to have relevant power supply knowledge, circuit connection knowledge, PCB wiring knowledge, and so on. The distinction of these lines can be analyzed in terms of the connection of components, the width of the copper foil of the circuit, and the characteristics of the electronic product itself. In the wiring drawing of the printed circuit board, in order to avoid crossing and interspersing of lines, a large number of grounding symbols can be used for the ground line, and different lines of different colors can be used for various lines to ensure that they are clear and distinguishable, and special signs can also be used for various components. , You can even draw the unit circuits separately, and finally combine them.
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