Circuit board processing of reflow soldering process

by:A-TECH      2020-05-15
If the poor quality of welding head. Now in the market of many welding head has some quality problems, commodity good and bad are intermingled. If you met try not hung tin welding head again and again, this is you need the welding head first heating in SMT processing, then pull out since several times, with the appearance of the cutting tools with the new tin tin line fill again. Then according to try it on, if not better words repeated several times, if the problem still persist, then you can consider because of welding head. Might as well to magnetic detection welding head. : high-speed SMT placement machine pasted on the turret post opening device is on a rotating turret to install many post opening. Tower rotate in the plane of the horizon, draw element on one side of the tower, put components on the other side, in the meantime centering. The design of the tower of high-speed placement machine is common. But, this kind of equipment as the post opening an increase in the number of ( And thus increase the size of the tower) To a lot of ground space; And may work during the transformation of the difficulties. Circuit board processing solder reflow process is to through proper placement machine template to print the element electrode mat, make components temporarily placed in their respective positions, and then for reflow soldering, melt solder paste pin again, it can fully nourish the patch on the components and circuit, the curing again. Used for chip processing of reflow soldering technology has the characteristics of simple and convenient. It is commonly used welding technology placement machine chip plant. Circuit board processing most of the placement machine can mount the PCB size is quite widespread, SMT machine workbench designed to accommodate large size 16 inches x24 inches of PCB. This machine is easy to control components and improve the accuracy, can be learned quickly. In most cases, no need to machine operation personnel training. Automatic paste machine is a complicated part of the circuit assembly operations, automatic placement machine more common than manual machine or semi-automatic SMT machine, but according to the SMT capacity and cost, and many different kinds of automatic placement machine. During the initial assessment process, to keep in mind that two points, one is speed, number of SMT components per hour ( CPH) And the other is the performance of the machine. That depends on your need what kind of placement machine.
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