Circuit board processing 3 methods of analysis

by:A-TECH      2020-05-24
In air-conditioned environment, there must be a certain amount of fresh air. Circuit board processing manufacturers as much as possible to control the CO2 content in the previous parts per million, and CO content is controlled within 10 PPM, to ensure the healthy body. Anti-static: production equipment must be well grounded. Three-phase five line grounding mode should be chosen and independent grounding. In the production of the floor, table cushion and chair anti-static standard should be adopted. Exhaust: reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment have exhaust requirements. Lighting: lighting factory buildings must have a good standard. Ideal intensity of illumination for 800 LUX x 12 LUX, and must be less than 300 LUX. Double mixed components, namely, SMC/SMD and THC can be mixed within the same side of PCB. At the same time, SMC/SMD can be distributed on both sides of the PCB. Double mixed use double-sided PCB assembly, dual wave soldering or reflow soldering. Circuit board processing manufacturers in this assembly method, first paste or paste SMC/SMD also have difference. Usually, it is according to the type of SMC/SMD and PCB size to choose effectively. Single hybrid components ( SMC/SMD and hole plug-in components ( 17HC) ) Mix in different surface of the PCB, but only in one side welding surface. This type of assembly method adopts single sided PCB and wave soldering, Now commonly used dual wave soldering) There are two kinds of process, the main assembly method. 1. First paste method: that is, first install the SMC/SMD on the B side of the PCB ( Weld side) And then insert the THC side A.
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