Circuit board maintenance

by:A-TECH      2020-04-29
Circuit board maintenance is a new repair industry. Moreover, with the increasing automation of industrial equipment and the increasing number of industrial control boards in various industries, the circuit board maintenance industry will also have good development prospects. Nowadays, more and more people want to learn about circuit board maintenance. Regarding circuit board maintenance, Lingke will introduce the knowledge of circuit board maintenance and maintenance based on years of maintenance service experience. Lingke automation tip: almost all circuit board maintenance has no drawing materials, and because of this, many people are skeptical about its maintenance. Although various circuit boards vary in thousands of ways, what remains unchanged is that each is composed of various integrated blocks, resistors, capacitors and other devices, so its damage is caused by the damage of one or some of the devices, the idea of its maintenance is based on the above factors. Circuit board maintenance is divided into two parts: inspection and maintenance, of which inspection occupies a very important position. Check and test the basic knowledge of each device on it until the bad parts are found and replaced, then a circuit board is repaired. Circuit board detection is the process of finding, determining and correcting each electronic component fault on the circuit board. In fact, the whole detection process is a thinking process and a testing process that provides logical reasoning clues. Therefore, the detection engineer must gradually accumulate experience in its maintenance, testing and overhaul process, constantly improve the level. General electronic equipment is composed of thousands of components. During maintenance and overhaul, it will be very time-consuming to find problems by directly testing and checking each component in the circuit board one by one, it is also difficult to implement. Then the maintenance method from the fault phenomenon to the fault cause is an important maintenance method. As long as the circuit board detects the problem, maintenance is easy. The circuit board should be maintained regularly during use to ensure that it works in good condition and reduce its failure rate. The maintenance of the circuit board in use is divided into the following situations: first, semi-maintenance: (1) clean the dust on it every quarter, and use the special cleaning solution for the circuit board. After cleaning the dust on it, blow it dry with a hair dryer. (2) observe whether the electronic components in the circuit have any traces of high temperature, and whether the electrolytic capacitor has a leakage phenomenon. If there is any, it should be replaced. Then there is annual maintenance: (1) clean up the dust on the circuit board. (2) carry out spot check on the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor in it. If it is found that the capacity of this capacitor is less than 20% of the standard capacity, it should be replaced, the general electrolytic capacitor should be replaced after working for about ten years to ensure its working performance. (3) for high-power devices coated with heat dissipation silicone grease, check whether the heat dissipation Silicone grease is dry-solid. For dry-solid heat dissipation silicone grease, remove the dry heat dissipation silicone grease and apply a new heat dissipation silicone grease, in order to prevent the high-power devices in the circuit board from burning out due to poor heat dissipation.
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