check these 7 points for selecting a pcb manufacturer

by:A-TECH      2020-01-14
It may be overwhelming to compare different PCB manufacturers.
Read on and find some facts and aspects that are most important to placing an order.
With numerous PCB manufacturers, it can be tricky to choose one.
Manufacturer of printed circuit board (PCB)
There needs to be the right expertise and experience, and you need to check some important details if you place an order.
In this article, we have compiled a list of tips that may help to find the right manufacturer.
Check the basics.
How long has this company been running?
You need to know a manufacturer from within and how they operate in the industry.
In electronics, experience is one aspect you can\'t take for granted.
Can they meet your requirements?
This is one of the first questions you need to ask when looking for a PCB manufacturer.
Some companies only deal with a set of standard specifications and tolerances, mainly because of their limited production capacity.
If you are looking for something very specific, you need a team that can handle the issue.
Who are their customers?
PCB manufacturers work with many different customers in the electronics industry, some of which also process military orders.
If you want to get to know a company better, you need to check their customers and the work they do for others.
With a famous name, you don\'t have to worry about this, because most of the details are listed on their website, and emerging companies don\'t mind sharing references as required.
Will they provide engineering support?
This is also one of the early problems.
Before real money is spent on the manufacturing process, you need a company to test all aspects and fully meet the needs of your customers.
They should test the design to avoid all possible errors in the future.
A good company will also invest a lot of money in improving their prospects and capabilities.
Quality is important.
This is something that has always been talked about, but when it comes to PCBs, quality is important than anything else.
You don\'t spend your resources on a company that is not guaranteed in advance.
Check their ability to work and the types of projects they can manage for your business.
In terms of quality, you also need to understand their testing process, especially in terms of connectivity.
When can they deliver the goods?
Now, you also need to check this aspect if you want to place an order quickly.
Many PCB manufacturers need more than a few weeks before they deliver the order, which is not what you originally expected.
Can they provide certification?
Some companies offer \"UL 94 V-
\"0 fire resistance certification\" on the Pcb, you may also want to check other relevant certifications.
In short, the price you pay should be the value of the product you get.
Finally, ask the supplier for details of the material supply.
For pcb, you have to be extra careful in every aspect.
Take the time to evaluate these aspects and you can always thank us later.
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