Analysis on the technical process of PCB copy board

by:A-TECH      2021-03-22
my country is well-deserved as a big country in the production of electronic circuits and PCBs, but is far from being a strong country in production. There is still a big gap between China and developed countries in the PCB industry. Next, I want to tell you a very interesting term 'PCB copy boardThe board has a derogatory taste in it. In fact, it is called circuit board copying, circuit board cloning, circuit board copying, etc. in the industry. Usually we do something with a purpose and act toward the goal. In the same way, the purpose of PCB copy board is to learn the latest foreign electronic circuit design technology, and then absorb the excellent design plan, and then use it to develop and design better products. With the continuous development and deepening of the copy board industry, today's PCB copy board concept has been extended to a wider range, and is no longer limited to simple circuit board copy and clone, but also involves the secondary development of products and the development of new products. Research and development. PCB copy board is a kind of reverse research technology, which is to obtain the PCB design circuit of an excellent electronic product through a series of reverse research technology, as well as circuit schematic diagram and BOM table. Through this reverse research method, it takes two or three years for others to develop a product. Through the reverse research method of PCB copy board, it may only take one month to learn the results developed by others in two or three years. This has played a very important role in promoting our developing countries to catch up with the world. In the process of product reverse technology research and imitation development, the production of the BOM list and the placement map, and the production of the component coordinate map for the SMT placement machine are all necessary for later model welding, placement processing, complete prototype design and assembly production. Link. The BOM (Bill of Materials) is the basis for the purchase of device materials. It records the various components, modules and other special materials required for the product composition. The most important thing in the preparation of the BOM list is to require accurate measurement of various parameters of the components, because if the device parameters are wrong, it may affect the judgment of the device and the accuracy of material procurement, and may even lead to the failure of project development. In the PCB copying work, single and double panels are the most common and simplest circuit board copying. The four-layer copying board means repeating copying two double panels, and the sixth layer means repeating copying three double panels. When we copy After finishing the top and bottom layers of the PCB, sandpaper is usually used to polish the surface layer to show the inner layer; sandpaper is ordinary sandpaper sold in hardware stores. Generally, the PCB is laid flat, and then press the sandpaper and rub evenly on the PCB. If the board is It is very small, and you can also spread the sandpaper flat, and use one finger to hold the PCB and rub on the sandpaper. The main point is to pave it flat so that it can be ground evenly. If it is a multi-layer board, you must carefully polish to the inner layer, and repeat the copying steps from the third to the fifth step. Of course, the naming of the graphics is also different. It depends on the number of layers. Generally, double-sided copying is more The laminate is much simpler, and the multi-layer copying board is prone to misalignment. Therefore, the multi-layer copying board must be particularly careful and careful. The internal through holes and non-through holes are prone to problems. In the process of PCB copying, some problems will inevitably be encountered, but as long as the designer pays more attention, some problems can be avoided. PCB has always insisted on using superb technical force, sophisticated production equipment, perfect testing methods, product quality higher than industry standards, and warm and thoughtful service, which has won praise and welcome from global merchants and users. Here to enter the pricing page https://www./QB
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