Analysis on the precautions of pcb solder mask ink

by:A-TECH      2021-03-21
In the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, most manufacturers will use inks, such as solder mask, characters, circuit inks, etc. The circuit ink is a barrier layer to prevent circuit corrosion, and the solder mask ink is used in the soldering process. The ink is used to protect the circuit after the circuit is completed, which is convenient for welding various components and can play the role of insulation and oxidation prevention. The most common PCB solder mask inks in the factory are also divided into green, blue, black, yellow, red, etc. in color. The function is to avoid short circuits after soldering during use, and also extend the life of the PCB; To a large extent, it solves the short-circuit pain points of PCBs shipped by manufacturers to customers due to improper soldering. However, in the process of PCB processing and production, the following major problems often occur. The following editor will analyze them one by one. 1. The treatment before PCB printing ink is not clean. The treatment before PCB printing ink is not operated in accordance with the specifications. If the surface of the PCB adheres to dirt, dust and other impurities, and some areas are oxidized, it will cause the phenomenon of peeling off. At this time, it must be printed again. If the ink pretreatment is in place, the dirt, impurities or oxide layer on the surface of the circuit board must be cleaned up. 2. Uneven ink coverage. This phenomenon is caused by insufficient ink mixing time or mixing errors, followed by oil or water stains on the board surface, poor scraping film material, and unclean screen cleaning. 3. Ink peeling occurs. Generally, the quality of the ink or the expiration of the ink will cause the ink to peel off the circuit board. Therefore, as an ink supplier, you must strictly control every process to ensure the ink factory standard. The above are some of the problems of PCB solder mask that the editor of PCB talked about. I hope to help you. PCB always insists on superb technical force, sophisticated production equipment, perfect testing methods, and product quality higher than industry standards. , Warm and thoughtful service, won the praise and welcome of global merchants and users.
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