Analysis of the types of LCD panels that are popular today

by:A-TECH      2021-03-21
LCD panels are used in various digital products. After years of development, we can divide LCD panels into the following categories: ips/s-ips panel technology pva/s-pva panel technology. mva/p-mva panel technology Other panel technologies Then, let's take a look at what these panel technologies look like. LCD panel Figure ips/s-ips panel technology ips is a wide-angle technology developed by Hitachi, ips can provide double 160 degrees (horizontal and vertical) viewing angles. Hitachi subsequently introduced s-ips technology, which further increases the viewing angle, response time and contrast. At present, Hitachi has licensed ips/s-ips technology to other companies, such as LG-Philips, Chi Mei Electronics, etc. ips/s-ips is more common on large-screen LCD TVs produced by Hitachi, LG, and Philips, and there are not many LCD monitors using this technology, but it is occasionally used on Philips p-series LCD monitors and some high-end models of eizo. In the past few years, more and more IPS panel technologies have been used in mobile phones, and Apple’s iPhone is the first. pva/s-pva panel technology pva is a wide-angle technology developed by Samsung. The principle is similar to Fujitsu's mva. Its viewing angle can reach more than 170 degrees (horizontal and vertical). Later, Samsung developed a new type of s on the pva panel. -pva panel. The response time of s-pva can reach 8ms or higher in grayscale, and the contrast is also greatly improved. The mva/p-mva panel technology mva was developed by Japan's Fujitsu (Fujitsu) company. Its advantages are good color performance, strong expressive power of pure black, and wide viewing angle. Fujitsu has long licensed mva technology to Taiwanese companies. The current manufacturers of mva include Chi Mei Electronics and AU Optronics. Due to the active participation of Taiwanese companies, the cost of mva panels has dropped rapidly in recent years, and the market penetration rate is relatively high. It is the wide-view panel that we usually touch the most. At present, some manufacturers have launched an upgraded version of mva, p-mva, which has a response time of 8ms or higher with a lower cost. Other panel technologies The above three are the most common panel technologies, but today with the highly developed printed circuit boards, there are also many other panel technologies that have been well developed, including Panasonic’s ocb, Sharp’s asv/sha, and a cup of Jingdong Acquired the ffs technology of Hyundai Electronics, etc.
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