Analysis of Ten Skills of PCB Board High Four-layer Wiring

by:A-TECH      2021-03-13
The PCB board is divided into many layers. Among them, what are the skills of the high-level four-layer wiring? Here is an introduction for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you. 1. Connect the wires above 3 points, try to let the wires pass through each point in turn for easy testing, and keep the wire length as short as possible. Between and around. 3. The lines between different layers should not be parallel as much as possible, so as not to form actual capacitance. 4. The wiring should be as straight as possible, or a 45-degree broken line, to avoid electromagnetic radiation. 5. The ground wire and power wire are at least 10-15mil or more (for logic circuits). 6. Try to connect the grounding polylines together to increase the grounding area. Try to be as neat as possible between lines. 7. Pay attention to the uniform discharge of components to facilitate installation, plug-in, and welding operations. The text is arranged in the current character layer, the position is reasonable, pay attention to the orientation, avoid being blocked, and facilitate production. 8. Consider the structure of component placement. The positive and negative poles of SMD components should be marked at the package and at the end to avoid space conflicts. 9. At present, the printed circuit board can be used for 4-5mil wiring, but it is usually 6mil line width, 8mil line spacing, 12/20mil pad. The wiring should consider the influence of sink current, etc. 10. Put the functional block components together as much as possible, and the zebra strips and other components near the LCD should not be too close to each other. 11. The vias should be painted with green oil (set to negative double value). 12. It is best not to place pads, excessive air, etc. under the battery holder. The size of PAD and VIL are reasonable. 13. After the wiring is completed, carefully check whether each connection line (including NETLABLE) is really connected (lighting method can be used). 14. The oscillating circuit components should be as close as possible to the IC, and the oscillating circuit should be as far away as possible from the antenna and other vulnerable areas. The crystal oscillator needs to be put
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