Advantages and disadvantages of immersed gold board VS gold-plated board-

by:A-TECH      2021-04-03
The advantages and disadvantages of immersion gold board VS gold-plated board Release time: 2017-12-13 0 The gold plating process of PCB circuit board is divided into two types: one is electroplating gold, the other is immersion gold. For the gilding process, the effect of tinning is greatly reduced, and the tinning effect of immersion gold is better; unless the manufacturer requires binding, most manufacturers will now choose the immersion gold process! Generally, PCB surface treatments are as follows: gold plating (electroplating gold, immersion gold), silver plating, OSP, tin spraying (lead and lead-free), these types are mainly for FR-4 or CEM-3 For the board, the paper base material also has the surface treatment method of coating rosin; the poor tin application (poor tin eating) is if the production and material process reasons of the chip manufacturer such as solder paste are excluded. This is only for the PCB problem. There are several reasons: ★ When the PCB is printed, whether there is an oil-permeable film surface on the PAN position, which can block the effect of tinning; this can be verified by a tin drift test. ★ Whether the lubrication position of PAN position meets the design requirements, that is, whether the pad design can sufficiently ensure the supporting effect of the parts. ★ Whether the pad is contaminated, this can be obtained by ion pollution test; the above three points are basically the key aspects considered by PCB manufacturers. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of several methods of surface treatment, each has its own strengths and weaknesses! In terms of gold plating, it can keep PCBs for a longer time, and is subject to small changes in the temperature and humidity of the external environment (compared to other surface treatments), and generally can be stored for about one year; secondly, the surface treatment of tin spraying, OSP, this A lot of attention should be paid to the storage time of the two surface treatments at ambient temperature and humidity. Under normal circumstances, the surface treatment of Immersion Silver is a bit different, the price is also high, and the storage conditions are more demanding, so it needs to be packaged in sulfur-free paper! And the storage time is about three months! In terms of the effect of tinning, immersion gold, OSP, tin spraying, etc. are actually the same. Manufacturers mainly consider cost-effectiveness!
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