About electronics assembly process should pay attention to use which supplies?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-25
Flux is economical and practical circuit board manufacturers commonly used welding supplies, electronic assembly processing needs in clean and dry when welding welding plate coated with a thin layer of flux, again with a clean constant temperature soldering iron layer of solder on the pads. This welding on the surface of the clean and no damage around; If short circuit between the two pins in the welding can also be coated with some flux, when flux of alcohol volatilization and soldering iron can finish the welding hot again. Inadequate water, make each slot potion mutual pollution. Check water capacity, water, washing time. In the process of the reaction gas cannot escape in time. Strengthen the mobile, vibration and air mixing, etc. Surface tension and lower temperature, in addition to the drilling sewage, causing resin into a spongy, cause poor water and coating fall off. Check the circuit board processing in addition to drilling sludge method process, appropriate to reduce drilling pollution intensity. Made from glass fiber cloth with teflon high frequency with plank, electronic assembly processing on the complete PCB processing board face, often can see the second perspective on the outer woven points, presented by the appearance is white or transparent color foreign body, this is called white dots. In general, a single variety of element necessary for PCB species number does not exceed the capacity of the feeder, but many kinds of PCB components needed for the total number of species is usually beyond the capacity of the feeder. By high-speed placement machine and multi-function strips into a unit. In fact, the whole PCB assembly lines include machine, screen printing machine, glue machine, reflow soldering, and curing furnace, machine equipment, these devices together of PCB assembly lines, but this does not constitute the whole production line auxiliary equipment bottleneck process, thus will be omitted during the modeling. Every SMT machine can accommodate 20 feed slot, each element occupies patch on a feed slot. PCB board processing through the impact of the inappropriate external mechanical forces cause the separation of local resin and glass fiber. Partial plate by fluoride chemical infiltration and etching of glass fiber cloth woven points, form a regular white dots. Plank is caused by thermal stress by improper white and white.
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